About Us:

JGT Hub, a world class hub for learning anything online related to software, technology, the administration that assists professionals, students and other segments of people to achieve career goals. For more than 8 years, JGT Hub has been helping different people across the globe learn online, different courses from different fields. We are successful in training more than 16000 + graduates from countries like USA, UK, UAE, Canada, India and the list goes on, however, we have now become one of the most renowned online training platforms. Our training environment is completely online with a minimum of 90+ courses and a wide network of trainers spread across the world. Our trainers are one of the best in their respective industries with certifications and domain expertise, extensive knowledge and vast experience. JGT Hub is now a package of industry expert trainers on high demand courses providing premium quality service.

Who comes to Us or Who Uses JGT Hub:

Either it is an individual or a corporate or a domain expert looking to upskill or anyone for that matter, JGT Hub offers a course to each one of them. We basically provide online training on different courses such as SuccessFactors, Agile PLM, Mule, DevOps, Azure, JIRA e.t.c.

We provide online training to a full-time employee who doesn’t have time to attend classes physically. We provide online training to students in remote places who don’t have institutes or trainers around them. We provide online training to people who really need an exceptional trainer and who are looking for a first -rate learning source. People from any part of the world can come to us and we help them learn the required skills to achieve their full potential.

Why JGT Hub:

For 8 years, we helped anyone who had reached us and we are still on the same mission, helping people achieve their career goals. We provide customized training services according to the need of the clients. We have specially designed packages for individuals, corporates, academic institutes each catering to extend full support to any client in many ways. We served more than 100 corporates and now we are proud to say that all of them are our loyal clients.

Apart from our credentials, we provide following benefits:

  • We provide multi-lingual training.
  • We provide access to our knowledge rich video library & e-books.
  • We provide real-time training.
  • We provide customized training programs.
  • We provide Flexi-training approach.
  • We provide Consulting & Placement services.
  • We provide access to case studies, interview questions & assignments.
  • And above all, we provide cost-effective, competitive & top-notch training.

what some of our clients speak:

Charlotte, Canada: Got trained on SAP SuccessFactors –

I use SuccessFactors for performance management & reviews and SAP basically is our main HR system. It was a high time I had to upgrade my skill. It was that time I sent an inquiry to JGT Hub asking about the course. Even though the response was delayed, the request was fulfilled on priority and I was allocated an exceptional trainer who was 9+ in experience and the most important aspect is, I was extensively trained on application part instead of theory. Glad that I reached JGT.

Zachary, Minnesota, US: Got trained on DevOps –

DevOps training sessions were so good & interactive. A great learning session without which I could not have to understand things with such clarity & precise on my own. All those additional examples and predictive usage techniques got good knowledge on DevOps.